“Everyone in this country deserves protection, even without residence status”

FNV: Help the domestic workers

Due to the corona crisis, tens of thousands of domestic workers in our country have lost all their income overnight. Many of these people also have no residence status, which means that they cannot fall back on social security and in some cases even end up on the street. That is why the FNV has today asked the cabinet by letter to quickly make arrangements for this group.

Tuur Elzinga, vice-chairman of the FNV: “We call on Minister Koolmees as minister of Social Affairs and Employment to also help this very vulnerable group of people. Everyone in the Netherlands deserves protection against a crisis like this, including those without residence status. The people involved are an important part of our society and economy. The ILO convention 189, which regulates the position of these people, has still not been ratified by the Netherlands, if that happens, many of the problems can be solved immediately. “
Nothing arranged
For many domestic workers, their income has disappeared now that many of their clients work from home and because of the risk of infection, they do not want to have anyone over the floor. In addition, the domestic workers usually work black and under the current rules the government can do little for them. These people often do not receive benefits in the event of illness or dismissal.
Migrant Domestic Workers
Especially the many domestic workers without valid papers now urgently need help. These are the so-called Migrant Domestic Workers from countries such as Chile and the Philippines. For their acute need, the communities and organizations of these undocumented domestic workers have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign. The FNV supports this action.

Natalia Robledo-Contreras is the chairman of MDW / FNV, which defends foreign domestic workers within the FNV: “We are very happy that so many clients and other people want to support us and everyone who needs help now. We hope to raise a nice amount and that the cabinet will also come up with additional measures soon. “
Note for editors:
The crowdfunding promotion can be found at: https://www.gofundme.com/f/domesticworkerssupportaidnow?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet

For more information:
Herrie Hoogenboom, FNV director: 06 22528666
Peter te Lintel Hekkert, press officer FNV: 06-53387248

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