Migrant domestic workers belonging to the FNV Migrant Domestic Workers Union joined thousands of fellow workers from other sectors in a march on International Workers Day 2023 in Amsterdam not to celebrate on the day to honor all working people across the world because for them there is little to celebrate. 12 years after the International Labor Organization approved the ILO Convention 189 on decent work for domestic workers, Dutch law continues to deny domestic workers the standard labor rights enjoyed by workers in other sectors of the economy. The majority of domestic workers are women and migrants without documents. They perform essential work that allows Dutch families to enjoy a good work and life balance. Dutch couples can go to work with less worries and have time for leisure because domestic workers are there to take care of their children and clean their homes.

The migrant domestic workers have two very reasonable demands: recognize domestic work as real work by ratifying ILO Convention 189; and grant undocumented migrant domestic workers work and stay permits so they can continue performing essential work for Dutch society with some peace of mind.

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