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Fortress Netherlands?

Week Tegen Racisme 2022 Talk To the outside world, the Netherlands has the reputation of a “migrants-friendly country”.  Does this reputation match reality? Neighboring countries are outdoing the Netherlands in opening their arms to migrants as they acknowledge the contributions that migrants make to society.  Is the new Rutte government capable of enacting a more humane policyContinue reading “Fortress Netherlands?”

What are the rights of undocumented migrants doing domestic work?

By Jordan Dez | October 1, 2021 Ten years ago, the ILO Convention on Domestic Workers was drafted containing labor rights for domestic workers. The Netherlands has not ratified this convention. The residence blog explains the content of the treaty, discusses why the Netherlands has not ratified it, and explains why this is not onlyContinue reading “What are the rights of undocumented migrants doing domestic work?”


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